What Is a Skirting Board?

Many of you probably don’t know what a skirting board actually is. However, lots of people have them in their houses. We will explain in this article what skirting boards are so that you can decide if you need them or not.

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are lots of people in the world who have skirting boards in their homes. You can find them in shops all over the world and depending on their quality and design they can either be reasonably priced or a bit more expensive. A wide range is available so that you can choose the model you like and that fits the design of your home. Basically, skirting boards are wooden planks or panels that are attached to the downside of the walls, either nailed, glued, or screwed onto them. Their purpose is to make the house look prettier and more elegant. Skirting boards usually rise two to five inches off the ground. Some of them are made of wood whereas others are made of plastic, PVC or other flexible material, and they can be painted or stained.

In terms of shapes, skirting boards can be found on the market in different shapes. For attaching them to the walls you don’t need a professional because you can easily do it yourself. The entire process is quite simple and it doesn’t take too much time either. With a skirting board, you cannot only add an extra beauty to your home but you can also hide the gaps between the wall and floor. It is very difficult if not impossible to actually keep the wall perfectly aligned to the floor, and in many cases a construction job will end up with an unpleasant gaping space between the floor and the wall. That’s why skirting boards are very useful, as they cover very well the unsightly gaps and give the wall an elegant and more finished look.

In plus, the walls will also be highly protected from scratches and scuffs. For example, in case you plan to put the furniture very close to the wall, then there might be a risk of scratching the walls, but if you already have skirting boards then this will certainly not happen. Not only the walls will be protected but the furniture pieces as well. If you want an organized house, then by attaching a skirting board to the walls in your home, you can hide unsightly wiring. Therefore, you will not see electrical wirings hanging obscenely from the walls or the ceiling anymore. This idea is absolutely amazing and extremely practical for all of us. Furthermore, it is also quite economical.

Now that you know what skirting boards are, you can already look for the models that will suit your house at Skirting World. There is no doubt that once you have them in your house, the entire environment will highly change, not to mention the fact that you will enjoy all the wonderful benefits we mentioned in this article.

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