Medical Instruments and Their Uses

There is a large range of medical instruments that doctors of many specialities use these days. The purpose of each instrument actually varies based on classification. This is exactly the subject we are going to discuss in the following, for a better understanding of this field. Therefore, here are the medical instruments available on the market these days and their amazing uses.

Diagnostic Instruments

These medical instruments are actually used for diagnosing a patient’s blood pressure or reflexes. For example, the stethoscope, which is very popular and easy to recognize, is being used these days all over the world to listen to the heart, the lungs, and the intestines as well. Diagnosis is based on how the sounds are. They could either be normal or abnormal, and the doctor will know exactly in just a few seconds. On the other hand, Taylor percussion hammer is excellent for testing the reflexes in the joints and for testing the bone fracture as well.

Scalpels and Operating Knives

There is a large range of scalpels and operating knives that are being used by all surgeons these days. A scalpel is a very small yet extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery and anatomical dissection as well. These instruments are available on the market these days in an array of shapes and sizes so that they can provide more precision cutting, and therefore perfect results. Surgical knives are being used for practically the same purpose as a scalpel, surgery, as well as dissection.

Obstetrics Instruments

Obstetrics instruments are also used in hospitals and private clinics all over the world. When a woman is giving birth these modern devices come into play. The doctors use forceps in order to assist the mother in delivering her baby’s head. They also use the umbilical scissors in order to cut the umbilical cord, separating this way the baby from his mother.

Ophthalmologist Instruments

Dealing with the health of our eyes is without a doubt a very delicate process and that’s why ophthalmologists must use some very special instruments. An ophthalmoscope is a medical tool that is used to examine the eye and the overall health of the patient’s retina. Imaging instruments are also used in order to evaluate the optical nerve as well as the retina.

Orthopedic Instruments

When it comes to orthopedics, there are several special tools that doctors must use with their patients. These instruments are extremely useful as they actually take care of the patient’s bones. Osteotomes are very simple instruments that are especially designed to make it easier to cut through or in some manner mark bone. Orthopedic surgeons use a medical tool called bone curette in order to remove the excess of bone or tumors.

There is no doubt that all the above medical instruments are extremely useful and that they can actually save lives. Since modern technology is continuously developing, all these tools are also continuously improving and they come with new and innovative features that have even more benefits. All in all, medical instruments are indispensable in hospitals around the world.

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